Inside-Real-EstateGenerating leads, building an audience and positioning yourself as an expert in your particular field doesn’t happen by accident. It happens as a result of having a plan. You must be intentional.

This 21-part video course outlines proven strategies and techniques for helping Real Estate professionals grow a brand new Youtube channel, Generate Leads and Sell More Homes!

  • Platform Strategy
  • Youtube Channel Setup
  • How to Produce a Killer Trailer Video
  • Video Structure
  • Uploading for Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Create Playlists
  • Connecting on Social Media
  • How to Make Your Videos Public
  • Youtube Habits for Success
  • Off-Youtube Strategies
  • The Power of Podcasting
  • The Power of Pinterest
  • Interview with a Realtor (3-Part Series)
  • Hosted Video Home Tours
  • Script Writing
  • How to Shoot a Home Video Tour
  • Equipment for a Hosted Video Tour
  • Informational Interviews

I walk you through, step-by-step, the process I take each time I create a new video and upload it to Youtube. I share everything I do to make my videos optimized for search engines as well as how I share them across multiple platforms for the greatest impact possible. I reveal my ongoing Youtube habits for success plus my off-Youtube strategies. In this course, I hold nothing back. Total transparency!

DOY Student Feedback David Watkins

I cover my platform strategy and the five elements that make up a solid foundation.  I explain how to produce a killer trailer video and the elements that go into it.  I break down your video structure and overall content framework, for any category.  I talk about creating a Youtube Playlist and the best practices for sharing one as well as connecting and sharing your videos on other social media accounts.

DOY Student Feedback Sean P

In this online video course I share all my secrets, tips and tactics to building a successful Youtube channel. By following my steps I know you’ll have the potential to not only duplicate my results but surpass them. I’m so excited to share with you my experience.


DOY Student Feedback GG

With this course, you’ll be so much further ahead than I was when I started. My trial and error journey helped me go from zero subscribers and zero dollars on a brand new Youtube channel, to a subscriber base of more than 50,000 and $50,000 dollars of income in just two years. Just think where you could be after going through this course.

My goal is to help Realtors, Dominate on Youtube!

Dave Erickson

DOY Dave


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